21 thoughts on “Tech Bites: Fuel Slosh CFD Simulation – Sauber F1 Team

  1. Yes. Well, not so much for thermal “protection”, but to simulate an manage heat. For example to evaluate different brake cooling ducts…

  2. Let’s not keep our CFD guys from their work too much, shall we? 😉 How do you like the new CFD side-wind animation we published today?

  3. Formula BMW USA had its last championship in 2009. The only Formula BMW series now is the talent cup, run directly by BMW in Europe. There is no USA championship.

  4. Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?, I didn’t meant to be arrogant, it was just a comment I’d like them to keep an eye on the series and I’m pretty sure other drivers would like that too, maybe I am able to get there if I get enough support from people and working hard with the team. After all there’s already 22 people up there who made it, so why not? 🙂

  5. Very cool suggestion. But do you have any idea how much computing power that would take?! 😉

  6. You should make a simulation like that of a whole lap and let us guess which track it’s on 🙂

  7. Ihr macht immer intressante Videos die man eig.noch nie oder noch nicht so oft gesehen habt. Ein großes Lob für eure mühe! Kein anderes Team macht das für seine Fans! RESPEKT! Ihr seit so sympatisch! Immer weiter so

  8. Being as FBMW hasn’t existed in the US for 4 years now, I’d be very surprised if that is true…

  9. A time dependend 3D force vector acting on the fluid, where the vector is generated through a (most probably straight) decelleration first, then left, right, left movement of the car (along with further decellaration) – reaccelleration is somehow missing. VOF method (interFOAM? – or just paraview?) most probably in conjunction with an adaptive mesh refinement in order to resolve the phase interface properly (space discr.) and with a timstep resulting in a courant number < 1 (time discr.) NICE!

  10. Неужели они не могут сделать побольше решётчатых перегородок, чтобы не так быстро топливо перемещалось, что бы улучшить баланс.

  11. We suggest to watch our Original Cutaway F1 Car video which shows some interesting details. We won’t go into more detail here (as we’d rather keep the details of these rather clever systems to ourselves).

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