In preparation for the upcoming Formula 1 2017 season, former Mercedes driver Pascal Wehrlein has made his entry at Sauber.

His departure from the Mercedes team has created an opening and the team has plans to fill that void. With the German leaving Mercedes, the door has been left open for fellow driver Valterri Bottas to swoop in and fill Nico Rosberg’s empty seat at the world champions. His entry at Sauber will be a welcome development as he is set to replace the outgoing driver Felipe Nasir and will be partnering with Marcus Ericsson at the new team which uses drive trains supplied by Ferrari. The departure of the 22-year old has given a huge pointer as to where the future of Bottas will lie as he has been rumored to be Mercedes’ reserve option. According to claims by sky sports, Wehrlein has been considered by force India to be the befitting replacement for Nico Hulkenberg. With Bottas’ potential exit from Mercedes, his replacement is likely to be Felipe Massa as the deputy team principal of Mercedes Claire William is hopeful for an announcement regarding the issue by the end of the week. (more…)

F1 Squad Reveals 75,000 Pounds Of Profit From Crowdfunding

Leading F1 squad Caterham has revealed 75,000 pounds of profit from crowdfunding that permitted it to take part in 2014’s last Grand Prix at Abu Dhabi. The team came up the crowdfunding plan post his administration collapse last October but the plan was received with severe controversies. The F1 fans came up with an aggregate of 2.4 mn pounds to purchase team equipment’s & have their names placed on the vehicles at the Abu Dhabi race. But as per the just released documents, value of old kit & memorabilia that Caterham offered back to donators came to simply 160, 316 pounds. Thus the team received a grand profit from crowdfunding. The documents even disclosed that the squad came up with a 515,298 pounds of boost from the sponsorship paid from its two drivers- Kamui Kobayashi & Willl Stevens. While Kamui has retired from racing, Will finished in the last place. According to close sources, a huge share of the income got exhausted in the grand racing expenditures. “It’s estimated that last trading surplus picture would be around 75,000 pounds”, read the document. The F1 team’s fuel bill at the last race was around 80,000 pounds while accommodation & travel costs came at around 31,142 pounds & a heightened 28,577 pounds was spent for catering. On the contrary, 49 squad members from Caterham were paid a mere 2,000 pounds each that is way behind the supercharged salaries this sport is so famous for. In fact, it is believed that the Caterham crew received lesser payment even in comparison to workers in any other F1 squad this year. Marussia can be a close competition which is another F1 squad that collapsed down recently and had a fair share of their assets being sold off at auction this December.