Sauber To Introduce New Wing

Even though most racing teams are gearing up to make significant changes in their cars in 2017 many F1 companies are not sitting back till the next year.

One such instance is Sauber whose team would be introducing front wings of a new design. The new concept would be used at the Spa. Sauber would have the front wings added to the car by the time the summer break is over. It is a concept that they feel will help to bring in a difference in the performance of their race car model.

A new wing in the rear was trailed in Hungarian Grand Prix. The company however did not see the performance it expected to see with the new addition. However, with certain tweaks that has been brought into the design, the tests that were done at Hockenheim proved to be positive. The rear wing is part of the upgrade package that is being designed for C35. The changes include a floor, new front wings and peripheral parts.

Those who have not followed the goings on of the company, Sauber was recently saved from the risks of becoming extinct. The team has been taken over by the company Longbow Finance. The company has injected capital in the company and the front wing has been part of the pipeline of changes. With the tweaks in place, it is supposed to be part of the racing car that would be on the tracks in the Belgian GP along with a new floor. The rear wing of the new design might not offer great changes, but it is expected to perform in a certain way that would definitely give the team some advantage. There is a front wing that would be added at the Spa with certain other pieces and bits changed as well in the upcoming race.