Reserve And Test Driver Marciello favours Sauber

Protégé of Ferrari, Marciello joins as a test and reserve driver for Sauber. The announcement came from the team of Swiss for 2015 season. Being 20 years of age Marciello has been tested for Ferrari that took place in Abu Dhabi. He also boasts of experience in the machinery of Formula 1. In the championship of 2014 he stood 8th by claiming 4 podiums. He has to be dutiful towards Sauber for the GP2 second season. (more…)

F1 Squad Reveals 75,000 Pounds Of Profit From Crowdfunding

Leading F1 squad Caterham has revealed 75,000 pounds of profit from crowdfunding that permitted it to take part in 2014’s last Grand Prix at Abu Dhabi. The team came up the crowdfunding plan post his administration collapse last October but the plan was received with severe controversies. The F1 fans came up with an aggregate of 2.4 mn pounds to purchase team equipment’s & have their names placed on the vehicles at the Abu Dhabi race. But as per the just released documents, value of old kit & memorabilia that Caterham offered back to donators came to simply 160, 316 pounds. Thus the team received a grand profit from crowdfunding. The documents even disclosed that the squad came up with a 515,298 pounds of boost from the sponsorship paid from its two drivers- Kamui Kobayashi & Willl Stevens. While Kamui has retired from racing, Will finished in the last place. According to close sources, a huge share of the income got exhausted in the grand racing expenditures. “It’s estimated that last trading surplus picture would be around 75,000 pounds”, read the document. The F1 team’s fuel bill at the last race was around 80,000 pounds while accommodation & travel costs came at around 31,142 pounds & a heightened 28,577 pounds was spent for catering. On the contrary, 49 squad members from Caterham were paid a mere 2,000 pounds each that is way behind the supercharged salaries this sport is so famous for. In fact, it is believed that the Caterham crew received lesser payment even in comparison to workers in any other F1 squad this year. Marussia can be a close competition which is another F1 squad that collapsed down recently and had a fair share of their assets being sold off at auction this December.

Sauber F1 frustrated by F1’s direction

Monisha Kaltenborn, the Sauber F1 team principal, says she finds it extremely disturbing how the Formula One bosses has dealt with the recent collapse of Marussia F1 and Caterham F1, the two smallest teams on the grid. Both the teams went into administration earlier in October after it emerged that it had mounting debts and that their backers were refusing to either unable or unwilling to pay for the running of the team. If the teams cannot buy buyers in the next few weeks, there is a possibility that the Formula One grid will come to down to 18 cars in the 2015 season. Sauber F1 hasn’t had the best of seasons themselves and has failed to secure a single point so far and are in a fight with the two collapsed teams to secure ninth place in the Formula One Constructors’ Championship and are faced with severe financial crises themselves too. Kaltenborn has said that he has been urging the Formula One bosses to implement a cost cutting measure in order for teams running on low budgets to get a fair treatment but that plea has fallen into deaf ears so far. She said that she finds it extremely disturbing and frustrating, not only because two teams that have done much for the sport have ended in such acrimonious circumstances but also when the sport itself is in danger and the bosses are not doing anything about that. The Sauber F1 boss stated that the Formula One officials have misplaced their priorities this season, ignoring the real and more sensitive issues. She said that some owners really find it hard to make ends meet and if the Formula One and FIA don’t do anything about it, there will come a time when wealthy players will not come into the support anymore.

Sauber looking to launch Russian Sergey Sirotkin ahead of the next season

The Sauber team has come up with lack luster performances over the past few races. There have also been rising issues about the ownership of the team. The funds are fast reducing and the team is looking forward to a new owner that will provide solidarity to them. The drivers and their performances have been affected by the present run of events. They have failed to pick up the important points. Adrian Sutil is the best driver that they have and even he has not been able to come up to expectations. The cars have not performed much well. The Suzuka track was a very difficult challenge for the drivers especially due to the weather conditions. The Russian Grand Prix is going to be a new experience all together and Sauber needs to pull up their socks if they are to harbor any dreams of making it big in the last part of Formula One. The qualifying race of the Russian Grand Prix saw the Sauber drivers finishing at the fifteenth and seventeenth places. There was not much good nes from either of the two drivers. The second driver for the team was the Russian rookie Sergey Sirotkin who is looking forward to his experience in Formula One. He is optimistic about his chances as he feels ready to compete at the highest level. Earlier there were rumors about the team signing up the experienced Rubens Barichello for the next season but his age did not prove to be suitable for the team. They are looking forward to a fresh start in the next season. The fans will be expecting some drastic changes in the team. The team Principal Monisha Kaltenborn seems to be very much positive abot the chances of his team next year but she has her task cut out this time.