Sauber Gets A New Chassis For Russian Race

Felipe Nasr will be getting a new chassis for the upcoming weekend race in Russia.

There have been several complaints of the Sauber, he handles and hence, Nasr has asked for a new chassis to be delivered. The reasons are many. In Brazil when Nasr was driving on the trail, he had a problem catching up to Marcus Ericsson, his teammate. The trailing problem is being contributed to issues with the chassis. As a result, Nasr has been confirmed of getting a new chassis to drive in Sochi, Russia. Even though there are several other components of a car, the chassis is a vital part of it and any issues with it can undermine one’s abilities on the track. Nasr confirmed that the F1 team would be looking at what handling issues were rising and hopefully the new chassis will help to overcome that. The problems became evident in the Australian tracks. Hence, technicians have been working hard to identify the root of the problem so that it does not arise in other models. (more…)

Van der Garde says F1 dream is over following Sauber F1 contract termination

Formula One test driver Giedo van der Garde has said that his dream of racing in the sport are almost certain to be over now after agreeing to mutually terminate his contract with Sauber F1. The Dutchman has reached an out of court settlement with the Formula One team following a legal dispute ahead of the new season. The 29 year old issued a statement through his publicist saying that his contract with the team has been terminated by mutual consent. The response from the team stated that they are now fully concentrating on the next race in Malaysia a d they hoped that the matter with van der Garde is now fully closed. The settlement between the two parties comes in the wake of an Australian court saying that van der Garde was right to claim his position as a driver and he had a valid contract with Sauber F1 before he was dismissed last season. (more…)

Sauber Is At A Better Position This Year Than Last Year According To Felipe Nasr

The formula one racing team from Switzerland, Sauber is likely to perform better than what it did in the 2014 season and may prove itself to be a tough competitor. 2014 was indeed a very bad year for Sauber. It didn’t manage to score points in the last season and they also had to encounter a few technical problems. The testing that the team conducted during the winter months before the start of the 2015 season has convinced the 22 years old racing car driver from Brazil, Felipe Nasr that the team is in a better condition than it was the year before. The Ferrari power unit of the team is in a better condition than it was in the previous season and Felipe Nasr has also seen improvements in the aerodynamics aspect the car. Nasr said that scoring points is obviously of prime importance for the Swiss Formula one team. He said that the team is putting much emphasis on winning points. The team has also made improvements aimed at that goal. (more…)