Hulkenburg believes Sauber F1 needed investment

Nico Hulkenburg believes that his Sauber F1 team really needed the funds in order to sustain itself and move forward in the sport and has welcomed the investment into the team from the Russian companies. Monisha Kaltenborn, the team principal, went on record recently stating that the team did not have the funds required to carry out the necessary developments of their cars and was passing through a very difficult phase.

She even appealed to the Formula 1 board to help the smaller teams in order to ensure the overall goodwill as well as competitiveness of the sport. However, that request was shot down by Bernie Ecclestone, the CEO of Formula 1, who stated that there was no way he could bail out the team because he has to treat each team with equality and if he went ahead and bailed out Sauber F1, it would not maintain a level playing field for the other teams.

Now, it has been announced that the Swiss side has signed three new sponsorship deals that will see funds poured into the side and aid in making the essential developments that will help them maintain their status in the sport. Incidentally, all three companies that have signed on to invest in the team are based in Russia and Hulkenburg has stated that he is extremely pleased with the Russians coming to the aid of the side adding that with funds available, the team can take significant steps ahead of the next few races.

According to Hulkenburg, the news is extremely positive and the funds were needed. He added that with the new investors on board, Sauber F1 can push forward and develop harder and stronger and added that the only way the team is headed right now is forward, and thanked the investors for their help.