Sauber’s History

Sauber Formula One Team is a Formula One team based in Switzerland and is running under a license issued by Switzerland. The team’s foundation could be traced back to the early part of the 1970s when the team was founded by Peter Sauber. The team was not founded to compete in Formula One at first and used to compete in World Sports Car Championship till 1993 after which the team moved to become a part of the Formula One bandwagon. The team did not win even a single Formula One race in its 13 years in Formula One prior to 2005 after which, it was sold to BMW and operated under the moniker of BMW Sauber. During that period, the team was able to pull off one significant victory when it won thanks to efforts of the team engineers and under Nick Heidfeld.

The Sauber Formula One Team, after joining the Formula One scene in 1993 was more or less considered by young, up and coming drivers as a stepping stone to driving for the bigger manufactures such as Ferrari and McLaren and this was mainly because of the fact that peter Sauber had the reputation of being able to turn youngsters into superstars under his guidance. The team made its Formula One debut at the South African Grand Prix of 1993 and what turned the heads of the audience and everyone else that was present at the moment was the dark black streamlined design of the car as well as its performance as it swerved and sped to fifth position in the team’s very first race. The team’s engine was being built by Mercedes, though unofficially but from the 1994 season onwards, the team came to be known as Sauber Mercedes after an official partnership was announced. However, that partnership was very much short lived and the team changed their engine manufacturer to Ford for the 1995 and 1996 seasons but the performances were not up to the high standards that Sauber Formula One Team set for itself.

In 1997, the team changed engine manufacturers again and tied up with Ferrari but the results that the team was looking for never came. This partnership was to last till 2005 after the team was sold to BMW. However, when BMW pulled out of the sport, the team went back to the Ferrari engines and has been competing again as Sauber Formula One Team since the 2010 season.

Sauber To Introduce New Wing

Even though most racing teams are gearing up to make significant changes in their cars in 2017 many F1 companies are not sitting back till the next year.

One such instance is Sauber whose team would be introducing front wings of a new design. The new concept would be used at the Spa. Sauber would have the front wings added to the car by the time the summer break is over. It is a concept that they feel will help to bring in a difference in the performance of their race car model.

A new wing in the rear was trailed in Hungarian Grand Prix. The company however did not see the performance it expected to see with the new addition. However, with certain tweaks that has been brought into the design, the tests that were done at Hockenheim proved to be positive. The rear wing is part of the upgrade package that is being designed for C35. The changes include a floor, new front wings and peripheral parts.
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Sauber Gets A New Chassis For Russian Race

Felipe Nasr will be getting a new chassis for the upcoming weekend race in Russia.

There have been several complaints of the Sauber, he handles and hence, Nasr has asked for a new chassis to be delivered. The reasons are many. In Brazil when Nasr was driving on the trail, he had a problem catching up to Marcus Ericsson, his teammate. The trailing problem is being contributed to issues with the chassis. As a result, Nasr has been confirmed of getting a new chassis to drive in Sochi, Russia.

Even though there are several other components of a car, the chassis is a vital part of it and any issues with it can undermine one’s abilities on the track. Nasr confirmed that the F1 team would be looking at what handling issues were rising and hopefully the new chassis will help to overcome that. The problems became evident in the Australian tracks. Hence, technicians have been working hard to identify the root of the problem so that it does not arise in other models. Read more »

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Van der Garde says F1 dream is over following Sauber F1 contract termination

Formula One test driver Giedo van der Garde has said that his dream of racing in the sport are almost certain to be over now after agreeing to mutually terminate his contract with Sauber F1.

The Dutchman has reached an out of court settlement with the Formula One team following a legal dispute ahead of the new season. The 29 year old issued a statement through his publicist saying that his contract with the team has been terminated by mutual consent. The response from the team stated that they are now fully concentrating on the next race in Malaysia a d they hoped that the matter with van der Garde is now fully closed.

The settlement between the two parties comes in the wake of an Australian court saying that van der Garde was right to claim his position as a driver and he had a valid contract with Sauber F1 before he was dismissed last season. Read more »

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